May 30, 2016



Impeccable Visage | Christine Hurst

Address: Inside the Chrysalis Salon & Spa
820 Willard Drive #224
Green Bay, WI 54304

Tel: +1 (920) 562 0167 | google+

Transformative Aesthetics

Value : Beauty is Energy

Impeccable Visage is not just your ordinary aesthetics practice where you will find beauty treatments and products for sale. We understand the skin and take skincare seriously, providing only the best products for your skin’s health and beauty. We also want to point out that beauty isn’t just the outwards appearance of an individual, but rather that it is created from within. Your thoughts on how you view yourself and the world including how you love yourself greatly impacts your physical and emotional health/appearance.  Reiki energy healing is also incorporated with skin care treatments to balance the energy centers (chakras), and promotes better cellular function, and relaxation/stress reduction. Focusing on complete mind/ body health that radiates the light of your inner beauty.

Why : My own adult acne

It was through my own struggles with adult acne that I had realized how “unbalanced” and unhealthy I truly was. What most people fail to realize is that 40% of what we put on our skin actually gets absorbed into the body, including harmful chemicals, and preservatives. These “toxins” cause our bodies to become disfunctional on a cellular level, and can actually cause premature aging and stress in the body. By balancing the mind (reiki) and skin (aesthetics) you have to potential to truly “shine” your authentic self and radiate your unique image/Visage.

Purpose : Beauty transform your personal environment

Impeccable Visage is more than what meets the eye, we aim not only to make you look beautiful, but to also feel beautiful so that it radiates out of every pore and every cell in your body. Calming the mind and relaxing the body with Reiki while incorporating quality spa skin care treatments and products must be experienced personally to understand the positive transformation that takes place. You can visit us on the web at for more information, and book your treatment today.