May 30, 2016


Improve Education

Wise Masterbuilders Childcare

Carisbrook Day Nursery (Head Office)

Carisbrook Street (off Rochdale Road)
Harpurhey Manchester, M9 5UX
Tel: +44-161 205 9067

Manager: Mr Olusola Andrew Omole

every child matters and so deserves our best attention

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Values : We see children that are brought up on a solid early years foundation and sound values, becoming agents of change within the society and the leaders of the society, can make right and informed decision in face of peer pressure and epitomise the moral, spiritual and social values that our nurseries stand for. We believe that children speak and dialogue with the right words are unique and not afraid to be different and are overflowing with joy and abundant peace. This is the way children will become world changers by reason of their strong foundation.

Why : We consider that every child is a potential leader and if wisely directed will become a great leader. Every child is unique and has a seed of greatness within them and if nurtured will produce outstanding fruits. That’s why every child matters and so deserves our best attention and parents deserve to be at peace when their children are in our care.

Purpose: Our aim is to skilfully craft a solid early years foundation for your child by providing every child a caring, nurturing, stimulating and example-led environment thereby enhancing their moral, physical, social and spiritual values making them exemplary leaders of tomorrow.