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8 August, 2018

How To Make a Piémontaise Potato Salad (using a food stacker ring)

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Learn how to make a classic French bistro potato salad ( piemontaise) and plate it like a chef the easy way using a food stacker ring.

Food ring to plate like a chef at home:

Good egg slicer:

Ingredients for the Piemontaise salad:

♦︎ 600 grams potatoes ( waxy types) ( diced)
♦︎ 300 grams of ripe tomatoes ( diced)
♦︎ 3 boiled eggs
♦︎ 8 small caliber sweet sour gherkins
♦︎ 200 grams of leg ham ( diced)
♦︎ 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

For the dressing:
♦︎ 150 to 200 grams of mayonnaise.

if you want to make the mayonnaise from scratch use that recipe:

How to make a mayonnaise sauce

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This technique of assembling cold ingredients using a food stacker ring works well with all styles of mixed salad. these can have rice, potatoes or lettuce as a base.

try this recipe first and once you master the technique venture in other versions. Just remember to always keep the right balance between ingredients not too much of one or the other that’s the key for a great French mixed salad

How to peel the tomatoes watch:

Food Conversion Tool:

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